Home Office Design

Combining comfort and functionality

In today’s evolving work landscape, where flexible arrangements are increasingly common, a well-designed home office has never been more crucial. It serves as a sanctuary for focused work, fostering creativity, efficiency and a healthy work-life balance. While our name is Kitchens and Bathrooms, we specialise in home offices too. Whether you work from home full-time, need a remote office base or desire a dedicated space for the kids to focus on homework away from distractions, we can create a bespoke home study tailored to your unique criteria. We understand the challenges of a lengthy to-do list, and a practical, organised office space is key to making it more achievable.

End-to-End Solution

Kitchens and Bathrooms will work with you to create a home office that aligns with your vision. Our experienced team guides you through the entire design process, starting from discussing your initial ideas to creating a 3D virtual representation of your home office and finally installing it in your home.

With a meticulous eye for detail, we consider every aspect of your home office design, encompassing lighting, fitted furniture, flooring and décor.

Kickstart The Process

Take advantage of our free, no-obligation plan and design service, complete with a detailed written quotation and colourful 3D plans using CAD. Your quote covers all aspects, including electrics meeting Part P standards, central heating, plastering, decorating and flooring, tailored to your specifications.

Call Kitchens and Bathrooms on 01795 438020 or email enquiries@sepd.co.uk today and let us transform your home office into a space that perfectly balances productivity and comfort!